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  1. swan around

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      漂游, 漂蕩
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    • 1. 漂游, 漂蕩 She spent the summer swanning around Europe. 她在歐洲遊蕩了一個夏天。


    漂游, 漂蕩

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    • 天鵝的英文有幾個?

      Swan-通常用在美麗或詩人或物品,也用在動物 I spent the summer swanning around Floria 我整個夏天在佛州遊艇 Goose-用在鵝肉,一群鵝、複數...

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      ... (have/send) to the company by a customer. 5. New Swan Stone was equipped (equip) with various...了吸引這動詞) millions of tourists from around the world. 6. My salary is paid (pay...

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      The ugly duckling is still roaming around. The ugly duckling runs into a group of kids. The ...yell excitedly again, "Look! Look! That is a beautiful swan!"