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    • 急件:Heidemarie Schwermer 英翻中

      你能想像有人選擇要生活在這個消費的社會中而不花錢嗎?嗯!這正是Heidemarie Schwermer自1996年以來一直在做的事,當時她辭去心理治療師的工作並丟掉了所有的財產。這個69歲的母親有兩個孩子,同時也是3個孫子的祖母,他選擇活在沒有交易買賣壓力的簡單生活...

    • 英文作文200~250字

      ...hard on weekdays and take rest in weekends to shop or visit relatives.  Most of people would rather... parties and the oppositions swap status frequently, which in many way shows exactly the general...

    • 請好心人士幫我翻譯一下

      ... Wei has been the evaporation swaps, 2008-04-27 22:05:12 補充: to be completed... that the earliest is two adjacent shops, 2008-04-27 22:06:46 補充: one selling a cake...