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  1. swear an oath

    • ph.
      (尤用於法律)發誓, 宣誓, 立誓(說實話、效忠等)
    • 釋義


    • 1. (尤用於法律)發誓, 宣誓, 立誓(說實話、效忠等) Before giving evidence the witness had to swear an oath. 證人作證前要先宣誓。 Government employees swear an oath not to reveal official secrets. 政府僱員宣誓不洩露官方機密。
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    • exorciser是什麼意思???

      ... from the prefix ex-, "thoroughly," and the verb horkizein, "to make one swear, administer an oath to," derived from horkos, "oath." Our word exorcise...

    • 請問vow和oath有何不同?

      ...someone's vow Oath 比較偏向賭咒的誓言,如:發誓不會做什麼事用 make an oath never to do something 但通常不會 make a vow never to do something 還有一個通俗的說法,就是Swear,不過這是動詞 發誓 I swear I will / will not do somthing

    • 乾兄弟姐妹的英文?

      {Sworn brothers}, 乾哥 {Sworn Sisters}, 乾妹 originally, companions in arms who took an oath to share together good and bad fortune; hence, faithful friends. 情同手足,有福同享...