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  1. sweep

    • IPA[swēp]


    • v.
      clean (an area) by brushing away dirt or litter;move or remove (dirt or litter) by sweeping
    • n.
      an act of sweeping something with a brush;short for chimney sweep
    • verb: sweep, 3rd person present: sweeps, gerund or present participle: sweeping, past tense: swept, past participle: swept

    • noun: sweep, plural noun: sweeps

    • 釋義
    • 片語



    • 1. an act of sweeping something with a brush I was giving the floor a quick sweep
    • short for chimney sweep
    • 2. a long, swift curving movement a grandiose sweep of his hand 同義詞 gesture, movement, move, action, stroke, ... 更多
    • the movement of a beam across the screen of a cathode ray tube.
    • 3. a procedure for inducing labor in a pregnant woman, in which a medical practitioner moves a finger around within the opening of the cervix to detach the amniotic membranes I went in for a sweep at 41 weeks she asked if I wanted a membrane sweep to get labor going
    • 4. a comprehensive search or survey of a place or area the police finished their sweep through the woods 同義詞 search, hunt, exploration, probe, forage, ... 更多
    • North American a survey of the ratings of broadcast stations, carried out at regular intervals to determine advertising rates.
    • 5. a long, typically curved stretch of road, river, or land we could see a wide sweep of country perhaps a hundred miles across 同義詞 expanse, tract, stretch, space, plain, ... 更多
    • a curved part of a driveway in front of a building one fork of the driveway continued on to the gravel sweep 同義詞 curve, curvature, bend, arc, arch, ... 更多
    • the range or scope of something the whole sweep of the history of the USSR 同義詞 range, span, scope, compass, reach, ... 更多
    • 6. informal a sweepstake.
    • 7. North American an instance of winning every event, award, or place in a contest a World Series sweep
    • 8. a long, heavy oar used to row a barge or other vessel a big, heavy sweep oar
    • 9. a sail of a windmill.
    • 10. a long pole mounted as a lever for raising buckets from a well.