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  1. sweet butter

    • n.
      a type of unsalted butter made from fresh pasteurized cream.
    • noun: sweet butter

  2. 知識+

    • 請幫我修改文法錯誤

      ... salt to food for example butter contain salt and vegetable oil. => Not so sweet food, such as butter which has salt and vegetable oil. This kind of food are ...

    • 英文菜單翻譯(急用)

      ... Clams─ Served in Garlic and Butter sauce. 差不多同上 Sliced Scungilli─ Over linguine w/hot medium or sweet sauce. Scungilli(貝類的一種,可做食品的...

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      ...3. It's such sweet melon. 改成 What a sweet melon it is! 句子合併 4. Jane likes... a piece of toast. The toast has jam and butter on it. Susan is eating a piece of toast...