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  1. swell box

    • IPA[ˈswel ˌbäks]
    • n.
      a part of a large organ in which some of the pipes are enclosed, with a movable shutter for controlling the sound level.
    • noun: swell box, plural noun: swell boxes

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    • 幫我翻譯這個英文短片的內容!!!急!!!!感謝><

      .... That Santa Claus is one swell guy, so hop upon his thigh. I know there are...'m high above you. I've got a box and I love to sing. everyone looks so warm how...

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      『幽靈』敲打『貓』為長跑的展示 ,在7,486枝形吊燈崩潰,長平底船乘坐和劇烈的結尾之後, 「歌劇幽靈」在Broadway歷史上昨晚正式地成為了長跑的展示,敲音樂「貓」它的王位。 「幽靈」加冕,在莊嚴劇院,由Broadway皇族所有方式出席并且由二個人主持主要負責...