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  1. swelter

    • IPA[ˈswɛltə]


    • v.
      be uncomfortably hot
    • n.
      an uncomfortably hot atmosphere
    • noun: swelter, plural noun: swelters

    • verb: swelter, 3rd person present: swelters, gerund or present participle: sweltering, past tense: sweltered, past participle: sweltered

    • 釋義


    • 1. be uncomfortably hot Barney sweltered in his doorman's uniform


    • 1. an uncomfortably hot atmosphere the swelter of the afternoon had cooled
    • 更多解釋
    • IPA[ˈsweltər]


    • v.
      (of a person or the atmosphere at a particular time or place) be uncomfortably hot: Barney sweltered in his doorman's uniform
    • n.
      an uncomfortably hot atmosphere: the swelter of an August day

    Oxford American Dictionary

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