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    let it have its swing

    • ph.
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    • 翻mood swing+maligning universe

      ... to understand here maybe “mood swing “,it implies that you are..., You are right! It means :Most of us don't even need to be in swing mood so as to be sinners...

    • 字典找不到的英文單字

      ... drop,Our bodies will goI like this ah,So swing it over here,Mr.DJ,Hey,Hey,And we will, we wil...

    • 急!!! 福音歌曲 Wholly Holy 的翻譯

      ..., hold in my soul 全能的神!常駐在我的心靈 Swing on high, swing it down low, 向上擺動,向下擺動 Come on by, I’m ready to go...