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  1. swipe

    • IPA[swʌɪp]


    • v.
      hit or try to hit with a swinging blow;pass (a swipe card) through an electronic device designed to read and process the information encoded on it.
    • n.
      a sweeping blow;an attack or criticism
    • verb: swipe, 3rd person present: swipes, gerund or present participle: swiping, past tense: swiped, past participle: swiped

    • noun: swipe, plural noun: swipes

    • 釋義
    • 片語



    • 1. a sweeping blow he missed the ball with his first swipe
    • an attack or criticism he took a swipe at his critics
    • 2. an act or instance of moving one's finger across a touchscreen to activate a function a swipe to the right archives or deletes the message