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  1. switch something on

    • ph.
      turn on an electrical device
    • 相關詞
    • adj.
      aware of what is going on or what is up to date: your shortcomings will be apparent to a switched-on youngster

    Oxford Dictionary

    • ph.
      turn an electrical device off (or on)

    Oxford Dictionary

  2. 知識+

    • 這英文如何翻Volume , Volume -

      ...收音機上面的指示按鈕吧 Volume + (音量變大) , Volume - (音量變小) Switch On (收音機開關打開) , Switch Off (收音機開關關閉) for FM radio...

    • 請問誰知道有類似turn on 這類的單字!?

      switch on / switch off (通常用在開/關電器類的東西) put on / put off walk in / walk out perform on / perform off (stage) 2006-05-26 04:45:32 補充: "打開類似這種動作~"例如什麼??罐子嗎?罐子的話就只有 OPEN/CLOSE

    • How to tell switch from turn?

      ...showthread.php?t=1182903 2. From my opinion, I rarely heard switch on/off and havn't used the phrase before. Usually, I used...