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    • for less or more? 釋疑

      "就算是美國人, 一樣也可能會理解錯誤的." 這點我不否認, 但是同樣的, 就算是美國人, 一樣也可能會寫出錯誤的句子.羅莉大師的論點並非無的放矢, 既然版主要的是句構及文法上的討論, 那麼不妨就實務面來說說.我個人也覺得原句語法不甚順暢, 妙手兄說得好: "根本邊講邊改變...

    • 中翻英拜託拜託很急(不要用Dr.eye)謝謝

      ...of perfumes. French perfumers were wary of the new synthetic scents primarily due the threat to the essential oil business (Genders, 1972:186). (太長, 待續) 2007-04-15 21:45:02 補充...

    • 想請各位推薦一篇關於美容的文章(20點)

      ... the wonders of aloe vera, grape seed oil, emu oil and vitamin C.  However, many shoppers... to skin care products made with synthetic ingredients. When it comes to natural...