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  1. systems

    • system的名詞複數
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    • mobile sound systems ??

      ... NAS drives, computers, tablet PCs, mobile sound systems and smart phones. 可用無線連接的音響來源包括 NAS 網路附加存儲...

    • Propose a Reasonable System?

      ... what you described, it is really hard to know if the system is computer related, a process related or ?? If ...

    • multivalued decision system

      decision system 應該沒有問題,是決定系統的意思;但是說決定系統好像還不知所云,所以如果...所以如果還原成這兩個字根的意思,就是"多重價值"了。所以multivalued decision system的意思,就是"多重價值的決議流程"。那什麼又叫做"多重價值的決議流程...