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    • 這句英文的文法型式

      In front were tables covered with fish and shrimp. 可以改寫成 tables...不及物動詞) + SC(主詞補語) 寫成 Tables covered with fish and shrimp were in front. 當然...

    • 被動語態(英文)

      ...with snow.     山頂被白雪所覆蓋. (snow並不是做出動作的事物)    The table is covered with a table cloth by me.    桌子被我用桌巾覆蓋住.     這樣了解了嗎...

    • 請問電視學有英文原文書嗎..推薦一下

      ... Stats | SIPs | CAPs Browse: Front Cover | Copyright | Table of Contents | Excerpt | Index | Back Cover...