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  1. tabooed

    • KK[təˋbud]
    • DJ[təˋbu:d]


    • adj.
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    • TABOO是英文的外來語嗎??

      Taboo - 禁忌,忌諱,避諱。 沒有錯。這個名詞不是英語。而是屬于波里尼西亞...拿來形容某些食物或物品是不能食用或使用的。 那么Tabu為什么會演變成taboo又加上名詞出現在當今字典里呢? 據記載,當時赫赫有名的英國探險家 ...

    • chinese taboo bring bad luck

      what about talking or using the number "4"

    • give me 5 taboos for funera!

      this is from  布農族1.When a family member dies, other members cannot eat sugar, salt, cayenne, and other sweet and salty food during the five-day-wake.2.Pregnant women cannot firstly go across the way for funeral.3.During the wake time, the family...