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    • 英文句子的文法

      ... a completely safe location to study ,after they’ve returned home, how to tackle the treasure taking them a lot of effort to get. 而句子被更正為...

    • 足球動作五個英文單字並造句

      ...the ball into the box 貝克漢 傳球 進去了禁區之內 tackle 剷球 Martin just tackle to Lampard 馬丁剛剛對蘭帕德做了剷球的動作 1-2 足球常用的 戰術 ...

    • 請問怎翻譯下面這一句

      ... the threat of war, people went about their work as usual. 3. to tackle something; to approach something 處理某事  舉例: He's not going...