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  1. tail

    • IPA[tāl]


    • n.
      the hindmost part of an animal, especially when prolonged beyond the rest of the body, such as the flexible extension of the backbone in a vertebrate, the feathers at the hind end of a bird, or a terminal appendage in an insect;a thing resembling an animal's tail in its shape or position, typically something extending downward or outward at the end of something
    • v.
      follow and observe (someone) closely, especially in secret;follow
    • verb: tail, 3rd person present: tails, gerund or present participle: tailing, past tense: tailed, past participle: tailed

    • noun: tail, plural noun: tails

    • 釋義
    • 片語



    • 1. follow and observe (someone) closely, especially in secret a flock of paparazzi had tailed them all over Paris
    • follow they went to their favorite cafe—Bill and Sally tailed along
    • 2. provide with a tail her calligraphy was topped by banners of black ink and tailed like the haunches of fabulous beasts the eight main chapters are topped and tailed with an introduction and an epilogue
    • 3. North American (of an object in flight) drift or curve in a particular direction the next pitch tailed in on me at the last second
    • 4. archaic join (one thing) to another each new row of houses tailed on its drains to those of its neighbors
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