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    • 這幾句英文的意思跟回答

      ...find it next to the bus driver. 4.What city buses can you take to get to National ... can we take to go from Taipei to Tainan? 從台北到台南我們可搭什麼車? We can...

    • 中文翻成英文!急 is much better than Tainan. Especially for go to school. Within the city area of Kaoshung, the public... at a little lane, the public bus frequency is not as many as those...

    • 以下該如何翻譯才比較順 is close to the train station, bus station, high school and elementry school. 2...available for rent 3) Also near Tainan Hospital and the Hospital... the most ideal residental area in the city.