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    • 想找英語高手中翻英一篇文章,請報價,謝謝!

      ...local or foreign criminal judgment information in Taiwan , the current regulations , except under criminal detention , fines and other misdemeanor...or in accordance with " juvenile offender law ." Junior protected...

    • (英文) 請給小弟的文章一些建議^^

      ...more crimes to happen as the criminals know that they won't... sacrificed due the law protecting murderers. Take Taiwan for example, there was a case...

    • (急)幫英文翻譯ˇ ˇ廢除死刑論點

      ...death penalty is not just a law enforcement, it also serve as last barrier...death penalty, deterrence works when criminal try to re-offending, therefore...against abolishing death penalty in Taiwan, but when anti abolishing death...