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    • 片語造句+中文的意思(3)!!

      ...the room. 我沒注意到我媽已經走進屋裡。 10. I am going to take part in my best friend's wedding. 我會去參加我好友的婚禮。 11...

    • 英文的片語造句

      ...boyfriend last month. 我上個月和我男朋友分手了。 4. If you don't want to take part in the plan, I will cross your name out.如果你不想參加這個計劃,我...

    • 英文造句好多個 都不太會 幫幫忙~

      ...out on this good opportunity. 7. on a…basis 8 I am very glad to take part in this project. 9 My parents is not going to allow ...