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    take ... lying down

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    • 英文的片語 把片語 英翻英+英翻中

      a) take down 寫下, 記下 to write down information. 記下資料或是訊息 b) look up... better than someone else. 認為自己比別人高人一等 e) lie down 躺下 to put yourself in a position in which your body...

    • 英文試題觀念,請英文達人們指教

      ...主詞是the letter,應該用written嗎??? 是的。 2.____very tired, I lay down to take a rest =Because I ___ very tired, I lay down to...

    • 請問有沒有人知道有關take(接送)的片語 into one's head 忽然想.. take it or leave it 打定主意接受或拒絕 take lying down 毫無抗議或異議地接受 take off 脫下;起飛 take on 雇用;承擔 take out 取出...