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  1. take ... seriously

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    • 1. 認真地把某人/事當作一回事 We should take our responsibility seriously. 我們應該把我們的責任當作一回事。 It's hard to take Lily seriously. She's always kidding around. 很難和麗莉認真, 她總是開玩笑開個不停。
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    • take it serious 回鍋問

      ...serious 念起來比較順 的確很多美國人會這樣講 可是 take it seriously才是正確的文法 就跟現在很多學生的國語程度一樣...p.s. 說話還無所謂 但是寫文章時 建議使用 take it seriously 2008-10-03 09:57:43 補充: Dear ...

    • 英文文法不會.五題-15點

      ... enjoys dancing to Jack's tune. serious about=take.....seriously? 沒錯。例:I am serious about this issue. I take this issue seriously...

    • 請幫我翻 [認真過每一天] 的英文^^

      take seriously / take to heart / Conscientiously / Earnestly through every day 認真過每一天 希望可以幫到你!