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    take a hand in

    • ph.
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    • ph.
      參與或介入某事物; 對某事物有一定責任 I bet he took a hand in it. 我敢說他一定參與了此事。
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    • 幫忙修改英文文法~~急

      ...have changed some, but you still need to take a look before handed it in. You sound like me few ...right and status to fall ill because visiting a doctor was too expensive. 2006-05-15 00:08:39...

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      1. take a break /休息.偷閒 2. hand sth in /提出.繳交某件東西 3. to get along with somebody /單獨和某人在一起 4...

    • take的文法

      ...took his outstretched hand. 她握住他伸出的手。 She took a piece of paper and began to write a...以為;把...看作[W][O] I take her to be honest. 我看她為人誠實...