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  1. take a powder

    • ph.
      depart quickly, especially in order to avoid a difficult situation
  2. 知識+

    • 外國人要上廁所對對方的說法 get some fresh air、to add some powder、 to freshen up、to fix one’s face、to powder one’s nose 、 take a slash, relieve myself、 to take a leak(男性)、 go to W C 大號...

    • 有關ㄧ種槍傷的英文

      ...粉末[C][U] He crushed a piece of chalk to powder. 他將一支粉筆壓成粉末。 撲粉,化妝用粉[...了。 藥粉,藥散[C][U] She took some headache powder. 她吃了點止頭痛藥粉。 火藥...

    • 能不能幫我中翻英一下...我送20點..

      ...5包然後再加冷水沖泡即可! Q: Can you please tell me how to take this powder? A: Separate it into two half, then stir the half into cold water. 4.請問這個...