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    take a recess

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    • 如何用英文描述出車禍?? take a break. It's recess time. Time for recess. Let's take a five minutes break. 下課可以說: I'll see you next time...

    • 下課的英文怎麼講??

      ... you next time. Or see ya. Let's take a break. You can go to bathroom. 我們外師很幽默 school. 2009-02-03 18:51:19 補充: 你也可以用 recess 這個字= break Recess is a general term for...

    • 緊急需要英文高手

      ...around nightclubs in the winter recess, I also went to .... That was really a super fun. I had to work... , I started taking pictures, shopping...