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  1. take action

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    • 1. 採取行動 We have to take action to stop them. 我們得採取行動來制止他們。
    • 2. 提出訴訟 He took action against Jack. 他控告傑克。
    • 3. 開始起作用 The medicine will not take action for two hours. 這藥在兩小時後才會起作用。
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    • 英文疑難雜症

      這句文法沒有錯! It's time (that) S + 過去式動詞 ..... 表示與現在事實相反的假設語氣 也就是說, 我們現在該採取行動了, 可是卻還未採取行動 所以才會說 It's time we took action.

    • 請問為什麼that的後面直接加have pp呢?

      This is a scary truth that has gotten more people to take action. =這是一個己經促使更多人採取行動的可怕事實。 形容詞子句裡用了現在完成式...

    • 誰能幫我造出片語造句!!!請盡快!!!

      ...set off for the battlefield. lift提高 Music can always lift our spirit. take action採取行動 The police must take actions against crimes. run out...