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    take advantage of sb.

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    • Dickson's phrase 請幫我解答~20點

      .... 利用的片語是 take advantage of 也就是這三格的答案 5....上面第2句應該是網友說的"takes up" My sister [takes...aid]. go to one's aid=help sb=幫助某人 7. He asked...

    • 請幫我翻譯自傳,謝絕翻譯軟體!!贈20點~

      ... profession knowledge cumulation, I still take advantage of after school time work and undertake student government can cadre...of captain. Graduate after, come into go sea pull sb. into one's arms industry primogenitor - abundant ...

    • 幾個英文片語問題

      ...load of that man dacing in the middle of the street. (瞧瞧那人在馬路中...有著…的優勢 * edge (on / over sb/sth) : a light advantage over sb/ sth (微弱的)優勢 leave in a vehicle ; to take sb away in a vehicle 驅車離開...