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    • 英文....關護理.....翻譯....急急急

      ... requiring attrntion or skill; people taking medication,including over-the-counter medications; recovering alcoholics; and people under age 21, the legal age for alcohol con-sumption...

    • 麻煩給我3個support sentence

      ...mind--it has been well documented that alcohol affects the user's ability to react, and heavy...while they believe they are being nice. one way to take the easy way out is to blame somebody else for one'...

    • 97英文指考問題

      (A) lead 為什麼 = =? 答: 主詞是 substances的同位語, 所以動詞用複數形. 而且 'Gateway drugs are' 適用現在式, 所以動詞用現在式複數形(A).