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  1. take charge of


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    • 1. 負責 John will take charge of the next meeting. 約翰將主持下一次會議。
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    • 麻煩把打破水缸救朋友的故事翻譯成中文~急20點~

      Take charge of the horse light-break a vat to save friend Ancient times... after, all very much frightened, some dithers, and take charge of the horse light but calm down, connect very much?Taking charge of...

    • take care of的用法

      take care of 是個片語,有底下三種用法︰ 1. 等於take charge of;look after 照顧;照看 The nurse takes...'t worry about this. I'll take care of it. 別為此事擔心,我會負責處理的。 3. 也可以...

    • 急!!!!! "你主持某節目很棒" 英文

      主持節目很少在用take charge of 新聞節目主播叫做 anchor 綜藝節目主持人叫做host 所以主持可以...話 用 performance 因為主持的演出很好 而不是主持好 你要用 take charge of 也好 但至少要改成 taking charge of 因為一個句子不能...