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    take command of

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    • 英文介係詞填入!!15點!

      ...much 6. to keep busy _after__ retirement 7. to wean yourslfe _from__ smoking 8. to take command _of__ a situation 9. to judge a person _by__ appearance 10. to be short _of__ patience

    • 請幫我翻譯以下文章(翻譯機免)

      一小時十五分鐘後,兩位女選手又回到了賽場。這時,Williams 立即控制了比賽,連下四局,在比賽進行的第二十六分鐘贏得了第一盤比賽。用結果的改變證明瞭自己的豪言壯語,“你是最好的”,“你將贏得Wimbledom”. Hanthuchova在第二盤...

    • as well as 後面可加完整句子嗎?

      ... shall have the overall responsibility, the General Manager shall take command of the site, and all department managers shall give highest priority to...