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    take for granted

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    • What is taken-for-granted?

      ...應該把上下文寫出來,這樣會更清楚,讓答題的人更能針對你的問題明確地回答。taken for granted 有兩個含義:1.形容詞詞組:evident without proof or argument,即不證自明...

    • You shouldn't take for granted

      請問 You shouldn't take for granted. 是什麼意思 「你不應該把(某人事物...about the cancellation. Sorry, I took (it) for granted that you had received ...

    • 英文句子翻譯(been taken for granted)

      您好: Taken for granted,可以以"被視為理所當然"來理解。 但在您的句子裡面也可如此適用...