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  1. take heed of

    • ph.
      注意; 留心
    • 釋義


    • 1. 注意; 留心 Take heed of these warnings. 謹記這番告誡。
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    • 請求幫忙英文翻譯文章

      ... have a very hot-blooded father who always takes heed of whatever activities from singing ...fresh, and birds chirped. All of a sudden, worries were all away behind...

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      Take heed, dear heart, once apart 注意,親愛的,一但分開 She can touch nor... skin 在你誘奸的皮膚上的剃刀 In the meadow of sinful thoughts 在有罪想法的牧場 Every flower's...

    • Thomas Jefferson的一段英文

      ...任何事物,只要我可以自我思考的話。 "the whole system of my opinion" means "我所有的觀念" philosophy, in politics, ...", so to make it consistent, instead of using "in which", he used "where"...