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  1. take hold of

    • vt.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 抓住
    • 2. 完全控制 panic took hold of him 他驚恐萬分
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    • not only but also用法...

      不可以加: The Communist party took hold of power in China, and wanted to make complete changes that not...

    • 狄克森片語 請幫我填 跪求了..20點感謝!

      1.tread on 2.finds fault with 3.took hold of(或held on to) 4.set fire to 5.選...

    • take hold 是什麼意思?

      問題:take hold 是什麼意思? take可當v.t 取;拿;抱;補捉 hold可當v.t拿住;握;支撐;抱著 也可當n. 船艙;貨艙 第一次回答英文題解釋,是很有勇氣喔! 請大家多多包涵指教~讓大家開心的笑一笑~