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    take in sail

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    • 麻煩翻譯 張惠妹 Don't Sail Away

      ...when I landed He took my hand We dinedang we... asked me to stay in this dreamland But the wind ...他便看著我 對我說 Don`t sail away Don`t sail away from ...

    • 急贈20等~只要一個英文故事

      ... a fine summer day on the ocean*. The Campbells couldn't help taking the opportunity to sail on their new yacht. As they sailed to the south wind* , they...

    • Windsurfing In Peng Hu

      Lisa: You don't play windsurfing, you windsurf. It takes a long time to windsurf well. If you are interested in windsurfing, you should go to sailing center in 觀音亭。 If you ask the windsurfers there, they will help...