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  1. take issue with sb.

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    • "搞花樣" 的英文

      ...奇特的創意頗有抱怨" Some people tend to air grievances over / take issue with university students who enjoy spending time on trivial matters...

    • 請高手幫忙翻譯一些英文喔 ~~

      ... 在英國是指一間學校裡最資深的老師, 屬管理階層, 但也有在任教的 taking issue with our war-deterrent measure 在這是指北韓官方認為美國對其以核試爆來威懾外來...

    • 急!!!請問”跟我做對”的英文怎麼說???

      Here are some possible choices: Don't stand against me. Don't oppose me. Don't take issue with me. Don't put up a fight with me. Don't argue with me.