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    • 幾題英文!英文單字小常識

      若是輪流,要加 s take turns = take it in turns If people take turns...是take a turn, 輪一次 Can I please take a turn on your bike? [=can I have a chance to...

    • 想請問Clemence 唱的Reverie中文歌詞

      ... feel the running sand As Im dreaming away I take it in my hand As the night turns to day 我感受到流沙的流動 當我夢幻神遊時 我將它(夢想)握在手中 當...

    • 撞球的基本規則(英文)

      ...of a frame, the balls are positioned and the players take it in turns to hit a shot in a single strike from the tip of the cue, their aim being...