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    take it out of

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    • "take it out of play "?

      ...there==> It's definitely out there=>it’s always there no matter what. “out” here is just amodifier to there.The... out there, beneath the pale moon light.(2) out of play ==>As Jeremy Lin...

    • nine times out of 10

      ...can just stay out of our kids' arguments, nine times out of 10 it will take care of itself. 這句的話,個人愚見大概是如此: 作為父母,如果當孩子...

    • play-offs是啥意思??

      ...為可數名詞的複數形式,在字尾加上(s) 19 minutes is how long it took the team to sell out of tickets to the play-offs. 翻譯 (1) 那個隊伍用19分鐘的時間...