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    take leave of one's senses

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    • 請假的英文說法

      ...允許』的意思 參考各種用法如下: (其中有用的,像 on leave 是休假中;take leave of one's senses 是發瘋) 1. permission to do something he was granted leave to...

    • (急)幫我用英文summary這個段落文章

      ...the most useful language in the world It’s not because it’s an easy language to learn. There may be some part of English is easy, but most of them are tough. To say the least, if English do...

    • 請幫我翻譯歌詞"(一直在找一個人 原曲)"

      ...s got something They had to leave behind 每個人都不得不放棄一些東西... in my memory I've lost all 10)sense of time 在我記憶的某個地方, 時間好象已經...