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    take name in vain

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    • Right Where You Want Me 歌詞翻譯

      ...我所說的話都是濫說) The only time I called Your Name I took it in vain (唯一一次我叫了你的名字但最後還是空手而回) Yet You ...

    • 麻煩英文翻譯高手幫幫忙~~~ 英文歌詞

      ... could life be the same 生活不可能不變if I find I loved in vain 若我發現我的愛是白費The dream I have every night 每晚我所做的...

    • 英文大師請進,文章中翻英

      ...'s a puppy, and I name it "Lucky". One...a note on the bullertin board but still in vain. No long after, I saw...finally, she wants me to take a good care of this puppy.