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    • note that 和 notice that 有什麼差別?

      That is esay to use them, take a look note means to notice something please note that there are a limited number of tickets. notice means be aware of something he didn't notice...

    • 英文商業書信的小翻譯問題之客戶要求

      Please note that the sizes were taken from th top of the trays and you will notice that boxes go slightly inwards as it gets to the bottom.......and之後我...

    • 英文題目(麻煩文法高手來解答吧)

      ...達成目標。 其他三個選項後面都要接子句,只有in spite of(儘管)後接名詞,還可以用despite一字代換。 2. (A...rise to 是give rise to的過去式,意思為引起。 (C) took out為take out的過去式,拿出或除去。 故選(B...