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  1. take on

    • vt.
    • vi.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 僱用 to take sb. on as sth. 聘用某人擔任某職位
    • 2. 承接
    • 3. 與…比賽 I can beat him! I'll take him on! 我能打敗他!我要與他一爭高下! Liverpool are taking on Arsenal in the Cup Final 利物浦隊將在足總杯決賽中迎戰阿森納隊
    • 4. 與…作戰
    • 5. 顯現 the chameleon can take on the colour of its background 變色龍可以呈現與背景一致的顏色 her eyes took on a hurt look 她的眼中透出受傷的神色
    • 6. 承擔 to take on more than one has bargained for 承擔比預期多的工作
    • 7. 裝載; 接載 the plane took on more fuel 飛機接受了燃油補給 the ship stops at Cape Town to take on more passengers 輪船停靠在開普敦以接載更多的乘客


    • 1. 大驚小怪 don't take on so! 別這麼緊張!
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    • what's the meaning of ”take on

      take on的意思只有兩個可以選 1.穿上;呈現 2.承擔 但take的解釋有近20種 應該是 有興趣,有好感

    • What's your take on this?

      I think it is important to ban fires on days when the air is dirty. Because...not but emphasize the importance and to acclaim the policy which taking into practice. The issue is concerned...

    • 英文選擇題求解 take on, pick up, seek

      ... to voluntary work to enrich their life experiences. (A) take on (B) pick up (C) seek out (D) appeal to 正解: (A) take...