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  1. take on

    • vt.
    • vi.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 僱用 to take sb. on as sth. 聘用某人擔任某職位
    • 2. 承接
    • 3. 與…比賽 I can beat him! I'll take him on! 我能打敗他!我要與他一爭高下! Liverpool are taking on Arsenal in the Cup Final 利物浦隊將在足總杯決賽中迎戰阿森納隊
    • 4. 與…作戰
    • 5. 顯現 the chameleon can take on the colour of its background 變色龍可以呈現與背景一致的顏色 her eyes took on a hurt look 她的眼中透出受傷的神色
    • 6. 承擔 to take on more than one has bargained for 承擔比預期多的工作
    • 7. 裝載; 接載 the plane took on more fuel 飛機接受了燃油補給 the ship stops at Cape Town to take on more passengers 輪船停靠在開普敦以接載更多的乘客


    • 1. 大驚小怪 don't take on so! 別這麼緊張!