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  1. take one's medicine

    • ph.
      submit to something disagreeable such as punishment
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    • ph.
      submit to punishment as being deserved

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • 幫我造片語造句

      ... felt dizzy in class. 6 . have a sore throat I have a serious sore throat 7 . take medicine you should take medicine after meal 8 . have a toothache I have a toothache 9 . have a fever I have a high fever 10 . feel one's...

    • 英文片語 國高中範圍

      ...down-記(寫)下 take five-休息一下 take in hand-控制 take it easy-放輕鬆 take medicine-服藥 take note of-注意 take one's chance-碰運氣 take one's choice-做選擇 take one...

    • take的片語.贈送20點

      ...down 記(寫)下 take five 休息一下 take in hand 控制 take it easy 放輕鬆 take medicine 服藥 take note of 注意 take one's chance 碰運氣 take one's choice 做選擇 take one...