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  1. take one's place

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    • 1. 準備好;各就各位 Take your place for the next dance. 各就各位,準備跳下一隻舞。
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    • 英文片語 造句不需要翻譯幫幫(1)--贈25

      ...time 從容進行 Don't be in a hurry you can take your time. 5。result from 產生 He...驅散 The police soon scatter the crowd. 9。take place 發生 When will the 2008 Olympic game take...

    • Idoms--To taake one `s word--

      1 to take one`s word 以(某人)的話為... 例: take his word seriously 把他的話當真 2 to have it .... Karen was accepted every place she appliedshe has it made. 3to set one`s...

    • 請幫我把下列中文翻成英文

      1.The conference beginning 2.The president takes one's place 3.The athlete marches into the arena 4.Flag march into the...