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    take one's turn

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    • 英文片語造句 20點 不限長度

      ...1. turn around - The policeman ask him to turn around and put his hands on the car. 2. faster, I am in a hurry. 6. take one's time - She takes her time...

    • 英文片語 造句不需要翻譯幫幫(1)--贈25

      ...time 從容進行 Don't be in a hurry you can take your time. 5。result from 產生 He... up to any situation you may face. 17。turn a deaf ear of 不願聽 If someone turns...

    • 問幾句英文句子(片語)??

      ...retreat; run away; flee: ex.The wild animals took flight before the onrushing fire. 撤退 逃跑 的意思...------------- 3. turn one's face to the wall: To present in a...