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  1. take oneself off

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    • 1. 離去 Take yourself off! 滾開! A quarrel was developing between husband and wife; it was time I took myself off. 夫妻之間在吵嘴這剛好是我離開的機會。





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    • 英文片語 國高中範圍

      ...take one's choice-做選擇 take one's life-自殺 take one's seat-就座 take oneself off-走開 take over-接管 take pains-盡力 take part in-參加 take shelter-避難...

    • 請幫我翻譯一下那些英文句是什麼意思

      ...辦公室自動回覆 Buyer(Contractor) 採購員 (承包商) I will take one day off on 9/3 and wont' be able to access my e-mail and voice mail. 我於9月3...

    • take的片語.贈送20點

      ...take one's choice 做選擇 take one's life 自殺 take one's seat 就座 take oneself off 走開 take over 接管 take pains 盡力 take part in 參加 take shelter 避難...