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    take over the leadership

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    • 三個英文的句子問題(20點)感恩!!!

      ...The problem was that neither of them was willing to take over the leadership role in their marriage. 為什麼紅色的地方要用was? 可是段考有一題...

    • 幫忙英文翻中文page2 十點 課堂急用

      ... Winslow. “But if we really want to take a leadership position, we’re going to have to do things differently.” The team proposed taking a three-tiered approach to...

    • 請幫翻譯報告參考用

      ...a merger with Compaq . in2001--that took the company further away from its original... a broader shift in corporate leadership . that favored financialengineering over the real sort. 埃爾斯和其他專家聲稱...