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  1. take sb. up

    • ph.
      提攜某人; 扶掖某人;打斷某人的話(以反駁或批評)
    • 釋義


    • 1. 提攜某人; 扶掖某人 The young soprano was taken up by a famous conductor. 那年輕的女高音歌手受到一著名指揮家的提攜。
    • 2. 打斷某人的話(以反駁或批評)
  2. 知識+

    • 請問有沒有人知道有關take(接送)的片語

      ...是 take away 剝奪 take in 欺騙 take it 相信; 同意 take sb up on 接受某人的 take to 逃到 take up with 醉心於 take...喜歡;耽於;愛好;開始 take upon oneself 負起責任 take up 研究;攻讀;拿起;佔有;開始;從事;吸收 be taken...

    • take sth. up with sb.

      take sth up (with sb) discuss something or deal with something The school took the matter up with the police. consult (with) sb (about sth)

    • 英文問題~~麻煩..不要用翻譯機

      ... for the offer~! Maybe I’ll take you up on it sometime ◎take sb up on sth指接受(提議、打賭等)(to accept an offer, a bet, etc. from sb);而sometime...