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  1. take ship

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    • 急~誰可以幫我翻譯這段文字 翻譯成英文

      ...039;s Kara tribe, in the tribe the spacious place, some offers the hall take the ship as the outlook week, takes in its Holy Bible the story...

    • take office 英文片語的意思

      take office 是什麼意思?答:開始工作(就職)了。run for (the) office (of) 是什麼意思? 答:那間辦公室(或工作室)的「棟樑...答:保持中立,不偏哪一方。on the market 是什麼意思?答:市面上。run the show 是什麼意思? 答:主導。run a tight ship 是什麼意思? 答:通常指的是主管,採中央主導政策,很能完全掌握所有的部屬的所有狀況。而不是讓所有的員工...

    • 新加坡住址&修英文(還會有 會再增1篇)

      .... 第7行:At night, the scenery there is beattiful, and people can take a ship to another side taking a walk and riding. 宜修改為:At night...