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    • 1. 任御用律師 After fifteen years as a barrister, she took silk. 她當了十五年的訟務律師之後, 擔任了御用律師。
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      ... girls are attracted to soft silk shirts, but Rachel only likes cotton...on TV last weekend? 2014-06-20 09:11:53 補充: Take the answer ASAP, it might be removed soon!

    • 綠野仙蹤 (20點)

      ... of in the village, because there usually take place tornado, have once a named peach joy silk of little girl connect the person again. Helpless peach happy the silk has to once more step on to look for...

    • 急!!!麻煩幫忙翻譯這幾句英文~20點

      ...people excited. The bad news is that it takes a lot of land to grow the soybeans for the fuel...that these proteins could be spun like spider silk. 答: 這些做過基因改造的山羊的羊奶中含有特殊蛋白質...