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  1. take someone/something in hand

    • ph.
      deal with or take control of someone or something
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    • 急!請各位先進幫幫忙idioms~簡單造句~謝謝您

      ...9.Go back and wait in the car until I say it... life maybe you should do something about it. 16.He her. 18.I took out The Da vinci...and cocky but on the other hand, he is rich and handsome...

    • 英文throw fling pitch seize有差嗎 throw or push (something) in a sudden and forceful way故與...- to throw or toss (something)也是丟擲的意思,尤其用... to forcefully take and hold (someone or something) with your hand or arms這字才有抓...

    • 請幫我改錯喔,二分半鐘的演講, thanks.

      ... on your hand. If you choose...from books or someone else that how to create happiness in our life.'s also important to take some time [every] day to...for example, eat[ing] something you like, watch[ing] some...